He was a bonded surveyor 1761-1769 in Augusta County, Virginia. The 1709ers would be shocked and probably mortified at all of that wasted space that they so desperately needed. I gave it up because I didnt have time to do what I had hoped. In 1710, Jacob along with his wife and child continued on to America, in fact, settlingeventually ina location that would be named after him, Cobleskill, NY. Sounds like a heart attack or stroke as it was in the middle of August when he died & we know how hot it gets in SC in that time of year. two folio volumes, clearly written and bound in undressed calf are the statement In a short time the colony consisted of three hundred persons. What tests do I need to take at FTDNA to look for a match? Many of these men were assigned so-called Hunter List numbers when they arrived in New York State. Excellent summary about the Palatines travails in England. The first set, 2-I signifies the number of adults is 2 and 1 child under 10 years of age in 1710, the second set, 2-0 signifies the number of adults was 2 and no children under 10 years of age in 1712. 5 October last . journal, as it is called is divided under the following headings: "The WebGovernor Hunter convinced the Queen that the Palatine men were needed to help defend the Crown areas claimed by the English and cut down lots of trees to make roads, farmland and develop businesses to support the new settlers. Do not treat the "official" work of a family association as having any special credibility or legal authority over a family's history -- their publications should be evaluated the same way that we would evaluate another author's work. Ironic, considering many of the Germans in Lancaster County, PA had left their homes fleeing religious persecution. At different periods, various causes and diverse motives induced Germans to abandon their Vaterland. It is their form of diminutive. The first went to Ireland, the second to Carolina and the third to New York with the new Governor, Robert Hunter. p. They eventually settled in the Schoharie area. for distribution, sale, or profit. locations are from the census reports in Doc. 10 New York 4th July 1710. His chief German researcher, Carla Mittelstaedt-Kubaseck literally went village to village searching old church books seeking 1709ers origins. New York 24 December 1711. . Ancestors, Voting Rights, & William Penn October 31, 2022. Until now, I was unaware of the hardships they faced in Europe. And the remainder Here this small colony erected some huts or long cabins, to serve temporarily as shelters. On the day of our arrival, after finally finding our hotel, walking from a train station pulling heavy bags, we discovered that the travel agent had not made the reservation for the correct days. Im zeroing in on precise timeframes and locations in my search for Gertrudes family. . Other researchers look forward to new entries on this board, so please don't hesitate to send in your Palatine and Stone Arabia ancestors. Gerhardt Walrath made his appearance on Governor Robert Hunter's list of "Palatine Heads of Families" as 2 persons over 10 and 2 persons under 10. p. He pointed out that the proprietors had only a modest rent. My sources for Johann Friedrich Haegar are: 1) US and Canada, Passenger Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s, an Ancestry.com database indicating he came to New York in 1709; 2) he is also listed in American Immigrant Minister, 1690-1811 by Gerald Fothergill, also found on Ancestry.com; and 3) The German Element in the United States, Vol 1, chpt 4, The First Exodus-The Palatine Immigration to New York. When released, the ship sailed to Boston for new supplies and upon reaching London the Palatine deputies were forced to live on kindness and credit. Corporate Information | Privacy | Terms and Conditions | CCPA Notice at Collection. I did not know that!!! Hi, new bern NC was also settled in 1710 by German and Swiss including palatines. Palatine My ancestors were Palatinate immigrants that settled on the Mohawk River upstream from the Hudson River in NY during that time period, too. Lists to England, 2nd to 6th Sailings, Names Im at all 3 vendors plus T524738 at GedMatch. for 92 days from 25 October WebThe Hunter Hunted is a quest in Seeker, Slayer, Survivor. On the old map, this would have been just in front of the St. Catherines church a place certainly familiar to the 1709ers who were assuredly praying daily for deliverance of some sort. The Palatinate families project is an opportunity to record all the families that were persecuted and driven from Germany in 1708/9 and were refugees in England, Ireland and the Americas and settled in those countries or used them as stepping stones to their final destinations and to discover how they were all interconnected. West Camps, Ulster Co., N. Y. The coast, so poor and beggarly at first, and once known as the German coast, has since become the producer and the receptacle of such wealth, so as to be now know by the appropriate name of Coast of Gold. By Sarah Fitzpatrick, Tom Winter, Ken Dilanian and Michael Kosnar. You might want to try this area. Similar heading 4 days 1st July to this day. Since 1606, millions have left their homes, the dearest spots on earth, whither the heart always turns. About 470 died on the journey. Many had been reduced to begging in the streets. Passenger lists are available for some Palatine migration ships, in most cases recorded on or after arrival. Various influences were brought to bear upon the increase of the influx. These were, for some time, in a destitute condition - wholly depending upon the charity of the inhabitants of the English metropolis. Nearby can be found a pear tree under which John Wesley used to preach and a plaque marking the site of Philip Embury's home, long since demolished. ). Im a direct descendant of Palatine Wilhelm Johann Pulver. Always informative and superbly written. I have added the resources which you listed on that page. Your family is in Vol. Did some intense searching online and found a current email address for the author; expect Ill hear from her soon. Jacob Cobels wife was Anna Marie Egli and they had daughter Maria Barbara after their arrival in the US. Categories: Palatine Migration | Palatine Ships | Province of New York, Immigrants from Holy Roman Empire, WIKITREE HOME | ABOUT | G2G FORUM | HELP | SEARCH. Now I know its only about 12% of my ancestors, but it still had a special meaning since it was all I knew growing up. I should have it in a few days. Another family line arrived in Philadelphia in 1738 they are not part of the 1709/10 group, but they *did* come from the Palatinate in roughly the same era, from from Bosenbach near Kusel. A Note to Researchers using this Web-site: As you use this site, please keep in Barbara Heck's old home is (1996) occupied by the family of Walter Ruttle, a Palatine descendant and a member of the Irish Palatine Association. NEGHS has some great info as well On one of these lists, Daniels name is spelled Thevoux. Having entirely overrun all buildings available, they lived in tents in squalid conditions and the local London people came to view them as entertainment. I believe that there were 39 families that came with Mr Weiser, following the head waters of the Susquehanna River, to Swatara Creek at modern day Harrisburg PA, and they followed the creek and went and additional twenty some miles and settled what is known today as The Tulpehocken Settlement. Expert Palatine genealogist Henry Z. Jones also wrote an enjoyable book called: Psychic Roots: Serendipity & Intuition in Genealogy, quoting the experiences of many professional genealogists. At Goshenhoppen there was a German Reformed church, organized as early as 1717. Theres a lot of potential there. 1710. My mother is T167724 and she clearly carries more Schaeffer DNA than I do. Mannor of Livingston 24 December 1711. . I am trying to find any links! WebThis list contains the appendix of Ulrich Simmendingers pamphlet. About Us | Contact Us | Copyright | Report Inappropriate Material Information While on a trip to Philadelphia with The Chief, Conrad Weiser met Benjamin Franklin. Welcome to Geni, home of the world's largest family tree. of the Palatine children Apprenticed by Gov. Were they Celts or Saxonsor maybe Huns before they were Germans seeking refuge? Hundreds fell victims to the relentlessly cruel savage, along the Blue Mountains, south and north of them and along the Susquehanna, as far north as Penn's Creek, from 1754-1763 and even at a later period. Roberta, They started The Old Stoney Creek Church. She sent 10 ships to New York and promised to settle them in the Schoharie Valley on land offered by the Mohawk Indians. Thanks for another fabulous blog. The immigrants were called Poor Palatines: poor in reference to their pitiful and impoverished state upon arrival in England, and Palatines since many of them came from lands controlled by the Elector Palatine. Germans massacred, north of the Blue Mountain, within Monroe county, among other were: Guldin, Hoth or Huth, Bomper, Vanaken, Vanflor, Schnell, Hartman, Hage, Brundich, Hellman, Gonderman, Schleich, Muller, Vandelap, Decker, Van Gondie, Brinker. 14 days during which time they had little or no provision. My spouses ex is the Defoe-Reiffenberger descendant. Hallo Roberta, Egli is a name from Switzerland. Governor Keith, says the record, "observed to the Board - the Governor's council - that great numbers of foreigners from Germany, strangers to our language and constitution, having lately been imported into this Province, daily dispensed themselves immediatly after landing, without producing certificates from whence they came or what they are, and, as they seemed to have first landed in Britain, and afterwards to have left without any license from government, or as far as they know, so, in the same manner, they behaved here, without making the least application to him or any of the magistrates. Jones, Henry Z., Jr. and Lewis Bunker Rohrbach. The Y-DNA I inherited is RL-21 which is mostly found in the British Isles and can be found around the people who live along the Rhine River. He was Johann Friedrich Haegar, the son of Johann Henrich Haegar and Anna Catherine Friesenhagen. Im not experienced with GEDmatch interpretation, so I dont know the chances of a match with your people. Thanks to this blog of yours I was able to get a hard copy of The Melchor Engle Family History and I am so excited. According to the Irish Palatine Association, The Landlords of Irish estates wanted to increase the Protestant tenant population In September 1709, almost 3000 Palatines were relocated to rural Ireland, with a roughly equivalent number being transported to New York and North Carolina. Heads of Families No census of this camp has Jim Wilson. He died in 1737. You can see the neighborhood to the right of the tower, both above and below. Thanks Roberta for the inspiration. March 31, 2022 March 31, 2022 Ronald L. Fake. Hunter were consulted and all the names of heads of families drawing rations

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