While 5.56 and 223 Rem does not do well from extremely short barrels, velocities from 16" and 20" barrels are quite fast at times. The JP rifle handled all four loads equally well with the same gas block setting. I prefer to use the G7 drag profile when calculating trajectory and wind drift for HPBT bullets because that's exactly what G7 was meant to do, while G1 is more of a flat base shape. You can pick up .223 Rem. I'm still waiting for someone to introduce the 224x45, created by necking down the 6x45 to shoot 5.56mm bullets. Varmint hunters - remember the 22 Nosler 55gr load at 3500fps from a 24" barrel? Trajectory: Though the two calibers use bullets of the same diameter, the .224 Valkyrie is capable of supporting longer, heavier designs for better aerodynamics, giving it a flatter, more dependable trajectory. Your previous content has been restored. Which .224 Valkyrie chamber is the one that nothing is wrong with? Based on the 6.8 SPC case, shortened to 1.600-inch, the .224 Valkyrie uses a 30-degree shoulder for headspacing. Back to the 224V it was designed to push a .224 bullet as fast as possible with sub MOA accuracy out of a AR platform rifle. Its the best MSR 15 round ever developed and unlike anything youve ever seen. i'm headed back to camp here in a bit. Belt FedNovember 26, 2020 in Hunting, Ok the hog from hell story. However, the new millennium trend is shorter, sharp-shouldered cartridges that will accept high BC bullets, and still fit in short actions. 9am-6pm CST Tue-Fri. I bought the 224V Kool-Aid wish I hadn'tnever could get it to taste right..LOL. Before the Valkyrie, .308 and 6.5mm rifles dominated the competition scene thanks to the inherent accuracy of their cartridge design. The 22 PDK was based on the 6.8 SPC case. Copyright © 308AR.com 2023 But if you keep an eye on the Facebook groups the valkyrie gets so much flak for its accuracy. Cartridges are often unfairly compared because shooters tend to look at things from a generalized perspective. So it's true when Nosler says that 22 Nosler has a higher case capacity than 224 Valkyrie, but that minor difference doesn't amount to a whole lot where the rubber meets the road. For every new cartridge that sticks around (6.5 Creedmoor, say), there are probably a dozen that fade into obscurity until they are occasionally rediscovered like a rare vinyl record at a thrift shop. If hunting with a .224" diameter bullet is legal in your state, I think the Fusion offering is going to be very effective. To help you get caught up, we've put together a quick guide with all the basics you need to know about .224 Valkyrie rifle cartridges. The barrier to entry for 224 Valkyrie has started out low and is only likely to get lower as more ammunition manufacturers jump into the fray. Both loads are above the minimum "comfortable stability" factor of 1.5 at altitudes above 3200-3700ft. I even when back old-school and built a 221 Fireball, great little round and fun to shoot. Nosler does a lot of comparing 223 Rem with 22 Nosler, and it's true that the 22 Nosler kicks the butt of a lot of standard 223 Rem loads, with their quoted velocities of 2650 for a 75gr bullet out of 223 Rem and 2950 for a 75 out of an 18" 22 Nosler. I am therefore a little jaded when news of a brand new cartridge comes over the wire, because it is often little more than an attempt to cook up interest when the sales numbers for the "old" cartridges aren't looking impressive any more. Both Federal and Nosler appear to be using G1 drag profiles for their trajectory calculations, which give more optimistic numbers than one is likely to encounter in the field. Bottom line: while you can get almost the same velocity from 5.56 or 223 Rem that you can get out of factory 22 Nosler loads, you can't get almost a 95 grain bullet into an AR-15 mag in a 223 Rem or 5.56 NATO load. Daily people ask about BCA, PSA and what ever other budget AR mfg. 22 Nosler barrels tend to be 1/8, which is fine for the 75-77gr bullets which have previously been the heaviest one could load to magazine length in an AR-15. I've already referred to his numbers above. Often, especially at 500 and beyond, one must listen very carefully for the telltale sound of a hit when using 223 Rem. I personally think the 6.5 grendel is a better choice than 224v. WebHere we take the .224 Valkyrie head to head with the 6.8 SPC. Sure, 3500fps sounds cool on paper, and if you want to have to carry your steel targets even farther out to avoid cratering and damage, pushing every bullet out at that velocity can be fun. I have tested the 62gr 5.56 Fusion load and its 62/64gr Speer Gold Dot cousins, and think the 90gr 224V load will be extremely effective for deer and other similarly sized animals. Barrel life gains are getting bigger and new bullets change things fast. Reloaders are going to like 224 Valkyrie. Did I tell you that? If you want to shoot an AR-15 at stuff beyond 500 yards, and consistently get hits, the 224 Valkyrie is the best option available. he had his grand daughter and wanted her to see it. enjoy shooting a different flavor. I can calculate and compensate for a little more drop a lot easier than I can compensate for rapidly varying wind speeds when shooting 800 yards across a valley. You are using an out of date browser. (r.) For tactical applications, the 90-grain Fusion load for the 224 Valkyrie is the best option. A metal grip frame, slide ports and a red dot cut are just some of the new features. This is a 26 inch 1-7 twist McGowen barrel. IMO I just don't see its usefulness in a bolt rifle. The biggest up-front cost of getting into a new caliber is the rifle or perhaps the barrel/bolt/magazine combination if it's designed to fit in an existing platform, but the biggest long term cost if you actually shoot your new rifle is the ammo. To find out, I tested two rifles chambered for it. There are simply too many versatile and purpose-built munitions to choose from. The .22 Nosler uses a 1:8 twist rate in its barrels, restricting bullet weight to 85 grains or less. Wing Tactical is your home for the widest selection of quality AR-15 parts, and we have the barrels, bolts and magazines you need to modify your rifle. 1-1.5 MOA most folks are fine with an AR. (r.) In the past, enhanced ballistics were achieved with greater powder capacities in longer cases. Recoil: The 6.8 SPC-based case holds more gunpowder than .223 cartridges and delivers great velocity, but retains a comparable level of recoil. Can You Claim Self Defense While Committing a Crime in Wisconsin? That would make the Savage a sub-average performer. All 3 have been under sub moa. Ive ran the FGMM 90s out to 850yds with repeatable hits; havent had the chance to go further. You cannot paste images directly. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. While a few good ones exist, most of the favorite bullets on the market are .260 caliber (6.5), .284 caliber (7mm) or .308 caliber. I've seen this basic comment in regards to several cartridges like the 6.8, 6.5 grendel, .224 valk. Out of an AR, maybe. But i have others that are. is the case upon which the 6.8 SPC was based. If you're short on time or have no stomach for massive walls of text, here's the summary: 224 Valkyrie is cheaper to shoot, the cartridge case makes more sense from a reloading perspective, and it offers better performance at long distance, especially when considering wind, thanks to its ability to shoot heavier bullets. Accuracy: At 1000 yards, the .224 Valkyrie has low wind-drift and rate of drop, making it an exceptional long-range contender. With every passing industry trade show, we are introduced to the next big thing, or little thing, as the case may be. For long-range shooting, the only commercially available AR-15 cartridge that can compare is the 6.5 Grendel. With both 90-grain loads, actual velocities were slightly higher than the published 2,550 fps for the Fusion load, and 2,700 fps for the Match load. But for something supposedly meant to run heavy bullets, it seems to be extremely picky. 224 Valkyrie v 308 Winchester 224 Valkyrie 224 VALKYRIE- Effect of barrel length on velocity February 25, 2018 Bill Marr 0 224 VALKYRIE- Effect of barrel length on You might say the 224 Valkyrie began life as a .30 Rem., because the 112-year-old .30 Rem. I did, however, ask Sierra about the stability of the new 95gr SMK out of an 18" 1/7 twist barrel, and their ballistic technician said I'd be fine with that combination. The cartridge was specifically designed for the AR platform, therefore it makes no sense to put it in a bolt action. However, since the Valkyrie can handle heavier bullets with a higher BC, at extended distancelike at 1,000 yardsthe Valkyrie is the better performer. The 224 Valkyries bullet is inherently long, thin, and ballistically efficient. That is a big hog, and I've seen some big domestic hogs, bottom line, I'd prolly start with a .30 cal, and work my way up! Remember the discussion about where cases come from? The cartridge's heavier weight adds velocity for improved resistance to wind-drift and better ballistic coefficient, helping you reach out and accurately connect with targets at greater distances. He's gotta be 8 feet long, stretched up like that - because I know you ain't a 5-footer yourself That Valk finally did it - what were you loaded with? Currently working on loads with 75gr and waiting on my 88gr to arrive. Both rifles had effectively identical optics, and while the 308 Win AR is set up as more of a fighting carbine with Magpul MOE handguards and a fixed front sight base No. Target shooters, I think, will love the 224 Valkyrie, especially if they are using the AR15 platform. Given that we're looking at shooting heavier bullets at lower velocities than the 22 Nosler, which has a stated barrel life of 2000 rounds for target and benchrest use or 4000 rounds for competition, I am strongly inclined to believe that the 224 Valkyrie will have moderately increased barrel life compared to 22 Nosler. I am 6 foot tall, i was using 90 grain fusions. A 22-24" 6.5 creed gas gun gun should have no problem pushing those bullets to 2600. The 224 Valkyrie certainly shines in terms of recoil. Jimmy said ill take him, i said ok lets get him to camp. The 224 Valkyrie should appeal to that same crowd, specifically those who prefer an AR-15 to an AR-10. A lot of shooters have figured this out, and this is I think the biggest reason why 224 Valkyrie is here to stay. The rimless case functions perfectly in the 6.8 SPC magazines for the AR-15 platform, and the overall cartridge length of 2.260 inches coincides with that magazine dimension. Oh yeah, i'm sure it would have been deadlier. so i flip the safety of and shoulder the gun and rip off 3 rounds in him. With the 15" Geissele handguard in place, the Superlative Arms adjustable gas block is just covered by the handguard, but not so much that I can't quickly and easily adjust the gas system. Accuracy was average to excellent. I guess you get what you pay for; it has a suggested retail of $3,789.95. Who DOESNT want a little more powder, and still fit in an AR15 platform ? Snipers Hide is a community of Snipers of all kinds, focusing on long range shooting, accuracy, and ballistics. Power: .224 Valkyrie rounds are available with ballistic tips, transferring more energy on impact for increased lethality when you're hunting game. Honest question: How do you track hits and misses at that kind of range with something as small as 224V? Wow that's a biggin. As for the Valkyries parent cartridgethe 6.8 SPCits simply not in the same class. It seems that new rounds are springing up left and right, especially in the AR platform. But there are two things missing from that equation: 5.56 loads and Hornady Superformance. The 1911 is an iconic design, and the 2011 takes it one step further. So, they're the same, right? just wear your earplugs, lol, when that big hog charges you and 98, he will open up on all that ham and prolly melt that barrel! The Federal Premium 90-grain .224 Valkyrie has a muzzle velocity of 2,700 fps.

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