For example, if sulfur is your chosen element, the superhero's uniform or hair or skin, etc. aang ran away from his home at the southern air temple, afraid to face his destiny. you may also know that the sailor scouts, or more specifically sailor mercury, sailor mars, and sailor jupiter, are elemental superheroes, ones that are incredibly powerful. In order to use the superhero name generator, simply click "Generate" and a new name will be provided. water! the lovable galactic guardian actually first premiered as a villainous monster in "tales to astonish #13" butwould eventually drop his villain/horror monster status and join up with the guardians of the galaxy. There were two other, less memorable Titanium Men thereafter, but the original Bullskian Titanium Man proved his merit by appearing in that Iron Man video game. Long Story Short: Secret Invasion, Explained. Not much, really! let us know in the comments! ronnie takes control of the firestorm body while professor stein acts as a conscience or voice of reason. Spoiler alert: Einstein again. regardless, firestorm is a superhero with the ability to manipulate welleverything. 29. No Melting Point: -219.67 C Boiling Point: -188.11C as it turns out, ulthoon merged himself with t.o. jupiter sort of works with all the storms that occur on the gas giant, but mars and mercury seem to be a bit off. But hes getting lots of it, from TV spots to talk show interviews, to his own augmented reality app! he can also shape shift into different forms, though unfortunately, he does not have the in fact, his ability to transform into different elements was once limited to only elements found in the human body, but he eventually overcame that limit. Dust has the inherent ability to transform herself into a giant cloud of silicone-type particles. 2." the original human torch was actually an android created by carl burgos for marvel's predecessor, timely comics. Click on a thumbnail on the list to see a full comic bookpage. For technical information about an element, follow the link to Mark Winter's WebElements. Get hooked on a hearty helping of heroes and villains from the humble House of Ideas! List of the four classical elements associated with nature as well as their variations. Superhero Element: Sophie (Sodium) By Haley Gibbons Early Life Water, Sophie's Main Weakness Superpowers and Weaknesses Chemist Humphry Davy, Sophie's "Father" Sophie's Loyal Dog, James Aquagirl, Sophie's Mortal Enemy Birth of a Hero The Infinite Battles with Aquagirl In normal conditions oxygen is a colorless, odorless and insipid gas. What the difference between a superhero and Hercules? -Drawing must correspond to the qualities of your superhero. Also, he was almost killed by Egghead Egghead, for cripes sake! What are superheroes all about? eve's powers manifests themselves in the form of pink energy which encompasses whatever she's transmuting. For one, art may actually be the best way to communicate science to those who are not very technically educated or lacked an inspiring mentor at school. We've got you covered. in both the comic and cartoon versions, terra has the ability to control any earth material (rocks, dirt, etc. Earth Elemental Names TITLE: Creative name of superhero. the other kind of elemental too, matter and atoms and all that, havehad their time in the limelight. Science not only involves a lot of technical know-how but also a great deal of creativity and imagination. because of his inability to return to human form, rex hated his powers, feeling like he was diseased or cursed. Ryan is unboxing new Spider-Man: No Way Home POP!s and more. Discover their powers, weaknesses, abilities, & more! document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()); 800+ Pictionary Words: Easy, Hard, Funny, Dirty List, 150+ Two Truths And A Lie Ideas, Questions & Game Rules, 30 Best Kitty Party Games [Funny, Exciting, Unique Ideas], 23 Omegle Alternatives: Random Video Chat Sites for Fun. Imagining chemical elements as comic book heroes. Superhero girl names also contain some of today's hottest trends like word names. yes, yes, we all get it, aquaman is the butt of many a fish joke and is considered useless by most comic readers. Up 1 Down Ultraforce [3] Up 1 Down Crusaders [4] Up 1 Down Trinity Angels [5] Up 1 Down in this new form, rex could turn his whole body into any element or combination of elements. Welcome to the Periodic Table of Comic Books. These names are perfect for boyfriend nicknames, new pets, and much more. Kaycie is now working on linking all these characters under a common story, which might turn into a comic or even an animation. one Wikipedia quote about whom speaks for itself: Disguised as a long-legged clown at a Thanksgiving Day Parade, Egghead tampered with Hank Pyms Pym Particles by blowing special bubbles at him while he was fighting a brought to life dinosaur float. element lad would eventually go on to lead the legion of superheroes at one point. morrow's then in-progress android after learning of the scientist's plans. From Detective Comics #825: We believe his powers manifested a fusion reaction that completely sublimated his central nervous system creating functional facsimiles of his heart, his lungs, his kidneys all working in concert to produce a near-endless supply of clean energy.. marvel's first superhero comic was the stan lee and jack kirby creation, "the fantastic four." CBR counts down some of the coolest elemental superheroes of all time! other combinations have taken the mantle of firestorm, including mikahil arkadin, jason rusch and in the cw-verse version, jefferson jackson. According to Wikipedia, the inferior resources available to the scientists meant that the armor was twice the size of Iron Mans. The suit could even fly to space. in the marvel continuity, the original human torch was a wwii hero who johnny was a fan of. We totally agree! Kerflop! some fans might not be aware that johnny storm actually took his superhero name from a hero that came before him. Version 2.012 we wanted to just write "he is groot" in this section, but that'd wouldn't have quite been enough. premiering in september of 1990, "captain planet and the planeteers" followed the five planeteers, teenagers entrusted with the five elemental rings bygaia, the spirit of the earth (voiced by whoopi goldberg, strangely enough) that gave them abilities to defend the earth from pollution and disaster. "element" is in his name, so how could we not include him? Elemental Superhero For the elemental superhero project I chose carbon and potassium what this project is about is that we pick 2 elements from the periodic table. created to betray the teen titans from the very beginning, terra was an earth-controlling superherowho premiered in "new teen titans #79" in december of 1982. terrawas the illegitimate daughter of the king of markovia and her brother is the superhero geo-force. he is also capable of regeneration, even from near-death. How to create cool superhero names . iceman has appeared in numerous adaptationsincluding the "x-men" films, "spiderman and his amazing friends" and had a prominent role in the "wolverine and the x-men" cartoon and is one of marvel's most prominent elemental heroes. not surprisingly chose to build a suit made of cobalt, a tough metallic element with a high melting point of 2723 F, but the decidedly un-super side effect of causing contact dermatitis in many, according to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. Everyone wishes they could be a superhero, and now youll have a name for your fantasy! We choose two elements to be our hero and our villain, I have chosen the two elements of Strontium and Beryllium. Ryan Penagos talks with Jordan D. White, Lauren Amaro, and Gerry Duggan about the future of X-Men comics in this excerpt from the X-Men: 60 Uncanny Years An MU Special Live Virtual Event. Weve tried to pick names that will fit many different types of superheros. There are many reasons to single out an element - in the case of iridium it has to be because it has the sexiest name. Get the highlights from all the exciting news to come out of Marvel Games this month! Here's Brian Clegg. when high schooler ronnie raymond and physicist martin stein were caught in a nuclear accident, they were fused into one being, a nuclear man. Looking for bold, bright, and, well, heroic names? The list below provides an in-depth look at the powers/abilities one might gain pertaining to the four classical elements of nature as well as their variations. You have to make a super. he can also swim at incredible speeds and has the ability to command sea creatures through telepathy. Simply follow the instructions given in the images and generate a cool and unique superhero name for yourself. Strontium is a powder that is used in fireworks to give off their red or yellow glare. captain planet's superpowers were never quite fully statedor explained, as he usually had whatever power he needed to defeat the bad guy. Well, now you can! We recommend that you start with oxygen to see some of our best stuff. IF YOU DO SOMETHING WE HAVE NOT DISCUSSED, CLEAR IT WITH THE TEACHER! Revisit the pivotal comic stories behind this super-powered team! in the original series, aang, the last airbender, was the world's avatar. You can take a range of approaches when creating male or female superhero names, but some tried and tested formulas might help you come up with the perfect combination. groot is known for only speaking the words "i am groot" and for his portrayal in marvel's "guardians of the galaxy" film and its upcoming sequel "guardians of the galaxy vol. stein was unconscious during the accident, making ronnie in control of the fused being. must be yellow since sulfur has a . morrow,red tornado has had a long, and somewhat convoluted history as a wind-controlling superhero in the dc universe. the other trommites were killed by the space pirate roxxas for refusing to use their transmuting abilities to create valuable and precious materials for him. Sun Boy (DC) A superhero created in the 30th and 31st centuries of DC's Universe. when you hear"the elements," two things tend to come to mind, a) the elements of fire, water, earth, etc. 10 Things We Noticed in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - Video Feature, Resident Evil 4 Remake: The Mercenaries Mode - Leon S Rank Gameplay, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny - Official Trailer 2 | Star Wars Celebration 2023. Who Do You Think Is the Most Powerful Jedi in all of Star Wars Canon? regardless, it would've been a crime not to include these three element-wielding scouts on the list. An artist from birth, I was the kid who drew in a class all the time. This document and associatedimages 1996-2012, F. James Holler and John P.Selegue. though the "young justice" cartoon helped create a more stream-lined origin forol' tornado, his actual comic history is pretty strange. from jupiter's "supreme thunder" and "sparkling wide pressure," to mars' "fire soul" and mercury's "shine aqua illusion," these magical girls can really pack a punch. Superhero teams are strong, brave, and always ready to fight against evil. [image via]. In addition to supervillains, theyve been known to fight corrupt cops in the LAPD. We hope you find something that suits you! Name of your element and your elements' symbol and your name. Over 35,000 subscribers cant be wrong. All about Iron! 1996-2012, F. James Holler and John P.Selegue. though this was his first appearance, he didn't go by the name "red tornado" until "justice league of america #64" where he took a form and costume similar to the red tornado we all know. Lead, while a bit thick, can form near impenetrable barriers and shields (as from radiation). [emailprotected]. eve's ability to rearrange the atoms of any object grant her a wide array of abilities. regardless, it's implied that he has all of the planeteers' powers since he's created "by their powers combined" and all that jazz. because of terra being evidence of the king's affair, she was sent to live in america where she gained work as a hitwoman, eventually working for deathstroke to infiltrate the teen titans. If you wish to see the scientifically proven elements of the universe, or more commonly known as the elements of the periodic table, click Here. Have a tip or story idea? Dust. Superheroes have been around since the early 1900s when the very first superhero, Hugo Hercules, premiered in a newspaper comic. Welcome to the Periodic Table of Comic Books. often referred to as "marvel's first family," the fantastic four have had a long, long history in marvel comics ever since their first appearance in 1961. the members are of course reed richards/mr. though she is powerful, there is a comedic side to her powers, as she will often "dispose" of "excess atoms" whichshe accumulates from using her powers too much in the form of bowel moments. Superhero names for girls have some of the coolest names in the galaxy like Nebula, Callisto, and Cambria. Brian Clegg. Weve all dreamt of being a superhero. This section should include a drawing (in color) of your Element Superhero on a clean sheet of WHITE paper. There's something for everyone here! firestorm is actually two people in one body. because of their ability to transmute, precious metals like gold had no value to the trommites, making their planet very non-materialistic and spiritual. "master of all four elements" is a pretty good reason to include avatars aang and korra of michael dante dimartino and bryan konietzko's "avatar" series. The Super Mario Bros. Movie Is the 10th Animated Film to Cross $1 Billion, PSA: Don't Miss Jedi Survivor's Very Easy to Miss XP Boosts, Black Mirror is Coming Back! Directed by James Mangold, the movie also stars Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Antonio Banderas, John Rhys-Davies, Shaunette Renee Wilson, Thomas Kretschmann, Toby Jones, Boyd Holbrook, Oliver Richters, Ethann Isidore, and Mads Mikkelsen. storm, as her name implies, controls the weather, lightning, wind, rain, the works. The steadfast Iron is in possession of incredible strength. Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. These same responsometers are responsible for the relationship between each Metal Mans (and one Metal Womans) personality and powers, and the element they are made of. If youd like these in print, Kaycie turned her project into a deck of flash cards. Superhero teams are strong, brave, and always ready to fight against evil. Video Production by Wild Comet Media. It's the sort of name a science fiction writer would give to a new substance that was strong yet beautiful. Lucky for you, weve put together this list of over 200 superhero names for you to choose from. element lad survived due to being in space at the time and, with the help ofthe legion of superheroes was able to bring the pirate to justice. Why is Gold yellow? created in the 60's, red tornado first appeared in"mystery in space #61" where he appeared as a sentient tornado called "ulthoon"who battled adam strange in rann. Heres the first list of superhero names weve come up with. This week a rare, sexy, superhero of an element whose name is a little bit deceiving. not only can the teen hero produces electrical shocks, he can also manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum, control metal (allowing him to fly on metal disks), and control technology. Optionally configure the tool by changing the controls underneath the button. it can get a bit confusing in comics and the like, but thankfully, it becomes moreobvious which kind of "elemental" a character is when they're either shooting fire or transmuting molecules, or sometimes both. Click to reveal unlike her predecessor, korra is a rough and tough girl itching for action when her caretakers do everything to keep her safe and isolated from the world. in both his comic and film appearances, groot is shown to have the abilities of a living pant, which makes sense with his tree-like appearance. forgive the cheesy line, but he truly is the aquaman. she eventually found her way to charles xavier and learned to control her powers and use them for a good cause. Along with Aurora and Luke, other superhero names currently in the US Top 1000 include Blaze, Dash, Ember, Harley, Ivy, Maverick, Nova, and Onyx. metmorpho has served on teams such as the outsiders and the justice league, finding some solace in his ugly form by using the powers it gives him for a good cause. we hope you enjoyed our list of over 200 superhero names and picked one out for yourself. We're a team, so sometimes we fight villains together too! We then had to create a superhero to represent our chosen element and its qualities. Mercenaries mode is a special mode in Resident Evil 4 Remake that challenges players to survive and score as many points as they can against waves of enemies, with all sorts of ways to extend time, gain score multipliers, and more. Indie Stores Call BS on Barnes & Noble for Holding a Sale on Independent Bookseller Day, Exclusive Preview: Catch This Feline-Inspired Miniseries Starring a Dynasty of Thieves, Parent of Trans Child Accused of Conflict of Interest for Opposing Anti-Trans Bill, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, REVIEW: 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Whiz! when they alone couldn't handle the job, they combined their powers to form the titular character, captain planet. Cloudflare Ray ID: 7c057344fac30b74 instead, let's focus on the environmental hero himself, captain planet. also known as the element man, metamorpho was once rex mason, a former adventurer turned superhero after exposure to radiation turned him into a shapeshifting mutant. static's electrical abilities have a lot of power to them. Element Superheros: Fluorine Fluorine 9/8/14 Symbol: F Group: 17 Period: 2 Protons: 9 Electrons: 9 Neutrons: 10 State at Room Temp: Gas Color: Bright-Very pale yellow Density: 1.696 g/l Conductor of Heat? created in part by the late great dwayne mcduffie, static is perhaps most well known for his wb cartoon series, "static shock." also known as the element man, metamorpho was once rex mason, a former adventurer turned superhero after exposure to radiation turned him into a shapeshifting mutant. -Your depiction of your superhero/villain must correspond to the qualities of your superhero. When a hydrogen fusion specialist named Voletta Todd got caught in a freak lab experiment, she developed the ability to turn into a sentient cloud of superpowered, ionized hydrogen gas, and turned to a life of crime. the sailor scouts (mercury, mars, jupiter). DRAWING OF YOUR ELEMENT SUPERHERO. Dont worry, we never spam. Also, many of them are utterly absurd. The Best Names for Made-Up Heroes Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? 3.) Superhero names, along with superhero movies, have gotten exponentially more popular since the . he can also shape shift into different forms, though unfortunately, he does not have the ability to transform back into a normal human. Description. Edward Dane was caught in the detonation of the Trinity atomic bomb test in the New Mexico desert, turning him into a collection of desert plants in the shape of a human being. terra is perhaps known best for her appearance in the "teen titans" cartoon, voiced by ashley johnson. er heart? Pow! Your IP: This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. Watch the Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny trailer for the upcoming Indiana Jones movie, opening in theaters on June 30, 2023.Harrison Ford returns as the legendary hero archaeologist in the highly anticipated fifth installment in the iconic Indiana Jones movie franchise. For instance, Freddy Mercury is showcased for, youve guessed it, the element Mercury. The Hunger Games Prequel Trailer Is Here! For technical information about an element, follow the link to Mark Winter's WebElements. this grants him super strength, superhuman durability, and of course the ability to breath underwater. 112 Cartoon Elements Make Learning The Periodic Table Funartist-kaycia.Dvideo credits- philip editsmusic credits- http://www.bensound.comperiodic tablenounCHEMISTRYnoun: periodic table; plural noun: periodic tablesa table of the chemical elements arranged in order of atomic number, usually in rows, so that elements with similar atomic structure (and hence similar chemical properties) appear in vertical columns.There's Hydrogen and HeliumThen Lithium, BerylliumBoron, Carbon everywhereNitrogen all through the airWith Oxygen so you can breatheAnd Fluorine for your pretty teethNeon to light up the signsSodium for salty timesMagnesium, Aluminium, SiliconPhosphorus, then Sulfur, Chlorine and ArgonPotassium, and Calcium so you'll grow strongScandium, Titanium, Vanadium and Chromium and ManganeseCHORUSThis is the Periodic TableNoble gas is stableHalogens and Alkali react agressivelyEach period will see new outer shellsWhile electrons are added moving to the rightIron is the 26thThen Cobalt, Nickel coins you getCopper, Zinc and GalliumGermanium and ArsenicSelenium and Bromine filmWhile Krypton helps light up your roomRubidium and Strontium then Yttrium, ZirconiumNiobium, Molybdenum, TechnetiumRuthenium, Rhodium, PalladiumSilver-ware then Cadmium and IndiumTin-cans, Antimony then Tellurium and Iodine and Xenon and then Caesium andBarium is 56 and this is where the table splitsWhere Lanthanides have just begunLanthanum, Cerium and PraseodymiumNeodymium's next tooPromethium, then 62'sSamarium, Europium, Gadolinium and TerbiumDysprosium, Holmium, Erbium, ThuliumYtterbium, LutetiumHafnium, Tantalum, Tungsten then we're on toRhenium, Osmium and IridiumPlatinum, Gold to make you rich till you grow oldMercury to tell you when it's really coldThallium and Lead then Bismuth for your tummyPolonium, Astatine would not be yummyRadon, Francium will last a little timeRadium then Actinides at 89REPEAT CHORUSActinium, Thorium, ProtactiniumUranium, Neptunium, PlutoniumAmericium, Curium, BerkeliumCalifornium, Einsteinium, FermiumMendelevium, Nobelium, LawrenciumRutherfordium, Dubnium, SeaborgiumBohrium, Hassium then MeitneriumDarmstadtium, Roentgenium, CoperniciumUnuntrium, FleroviumUnunpentium, LivermoriumUnunseptium, UnunoctiumAnd then we're done! and as king of atlantis, thus king of all of the earth's oceans, that pretty much makes aquaman the master of all water, an elemental monarch so to speak. Superpower #3 My melting point is 1455 degrees Celsius , and my boiling point is 2990 degrees Celsius. ), allowing her to float on rocks, toss boulders at enemies and even cause massive earthquakes. The 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. If you need more options. mars, which is farther from the sun, would make more sense havingwater/ice powers, since its colder there, while mercury would make more sense with fire as it is closer to the sun, thus hotter. in this version, terra's origins are glossed over and her infiltration of the teen titans is slightly modified. Our Superhero Name Generator will give you 20 names every time you click the "Generate" button. 3' Is One Heck of an Emotional Ride, ALL of the New Top 13 Banned Books Had One Thing in Common, The 12 Best Standalone Fantasy Novels if You're Looking For a Quick Adventure, The Tucker Carlson Texts That (Maybe) Got Him Fired Are Here and They're BAD, The 10 Best British Detective TV Shows and Series, If You Love Shadow and Bone, Then Check Out These 10 Books With Similar Vibes, Avatar 3 Might Hit Theaters Sooner Than We Thought Heres Everything We Know So Far, The 10 Best Austin Butler Movies and TV Shows, Ranked, We Explained The Ending of Lost Because Complaining About It Is So 2010, The Avatar: The Last Airbender Movie Is FINALLY Coming to Theaters Heres What We Know. Yet another Iron Man wannabe, Cobalt Man, an inventor who had been studying the effects of nuclear radiation involving cobalt (sciencey!) tornado's past and origins can get pretty confusing, but regardless, this tornado-creating, cyclone-controlling, wind-waking android is truly one of the greatest elemental heroes in comic history. People have always believed in beings with higher powers, and the idea of superheroes came from ancient myths of gods and heroes. 15 TUMBLEWEED. 3' Red Carpet, Catch Up on All the Marvel Games News from April 2023, Revisit the Guardians of the Galaxy with 'Marvel Studios' Legends' on Disney+, The Future of the X-Men | X-Men: 60 Uncanny Years An MU Special Live Virtual Event. For technical information about an element, follow the link to Mark Winter's. We recommend that you start with oxygen to see some of our best stuff. Powers and abilities with one or more of the four or five basic elements at their core. You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked. Here are some that will really amaze you. Prep for February 12's 'Nebula' #1 with a look at the character's mighty Marvel history! [1], Like many of todays superheroes, Hugo Hercules was a common man on the surface but just happened to be gifted with superhuman strength! Its Me, Margaret Rated PG-13?? Beryllium is a hard metal that is made commercially, which means to make a profit, so . an android created by the villainous dr. t.o. Here Are the 5 Best Episodes, The Best Anime Series of All Time, Ranked, Moon Mystery - Official Kickstarter Trailer, Resident Evil 4 Clockwork Castellan Locations. The superhero Tumbleweed first appeared in 2008's "Number of the Beast" #1, written by Scott Beatty and penciled by Chris Sprouse. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. All Rights Reserved. as the human torch, johnny can engulf himself in flames in a form that allows him to fly and shields him from damage. Welcome to the Periodic Table of Comic Books. DRAWING/ MODEL/ COSTUME/ 3D MODEL OR OTHER DEPICTION OF YOUR ELEMENT SUPERHERO. We created a comic book style of booklet inspired by the most harmful elements of the periodic table. Element name- Oxygen (O) Atomic number-8 Atomic mass-16 Properties- 1.) the white-haired rain goddess from kenyahas been a staple of the x-men since her first appearance in 1975, serving as leader of the x-men at times and as a professor at the xavier academy as well as the jean grey academy for mutants. You can order your own deck at her Etsy shop. All-New Spider-Man: No Way Home POP!s from Funko! We give the updated Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil 4 Remake a spin in this S-Rank gameplay clip, featuring Leon. groot can grow his wood-like body at will, release different plant spores and grows leaves along his body. iceman's ice abilities allow him to freeze water particles in the air around him and turn his entire body into ice, creating a damage shield, much like the human torch. Name. Dr. Phosphorus is the continually burning supervillain from Gotham City who subsequently trade his soul to the demon Nero for even more unbridled incendiary power. For some elements, Kaycie was inspired by her friends, while others were inspired by celebrities.

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