iClear16 Dual Coil Clearomizer Heating Coils – 5 Pack

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iClear16 Dual Coil Clearomizer Replacement Heating Coils

This is a 5 pack of replacement heating coils for the iClear Dual Coil Clearomizer. Just unscrew the base of your clearomizer, and then unscrew your heating coil to replace it with a new one. Rinsing out the base and outer case with distilled water and letting dry between replacing of coil is recommended.

A few little tips:

  • To replace iClear Dual Coil clearomizer heading coils::
    • Ensure unit is empty.
    • Untwist the bottom metal ring from the second bottom ring.
    • Untwist heating coil from base
    • Clean base, mouthpiece and tube with distilled water (recommended)
    • Twist new heating coil onto base
    • Insert new heating coil into tube
    • Re-fill and vape away!
  • Dry Burning taste?
    • Not enough e-liquid – Refill
    • E-liquid not getting to heating element – Twist the clearomizer horizontally a few times.
    • (IF APPLICABLE) Your battery voltage is set too high, turn down your battery voltage.
    • Your heating coil has worn out. Replace heating coil.
  • Gurgling / E-liquid getting into airflow hole or into mouth?
    • Blow through your mouthpiece until no e-liquid comes out of the small intake holes as the side of your clearomizer
    • Ensure that your heating coil is firmly screwed in
    • Ensure that the base is screwed in tightly and not threaded properly
    • You have overfilled your clearomizer.
    • Your heating coil has worn out. Replace heating coil.

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